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Sky Olaf and I

We Blog Dogs is published by me, Robin Kashuba.  I currently have 6 fur kids–2 collies and 4 shelties. Three of my dogs are therapy dogs and three of my dogs are deaf.  Several have been adopted from rescues.  And all of them are loved!

Dogs have been in my life since the age of 3 and they have played such a major role in my life that I felt compelled to write my memoirs about how all the dogs in my life have led me to find my life’s purpose; that being making therapy visits with my dogs.  My book is titled Redemption Has 4 Paws and it was just published in December 2017 and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Because dogs are such a huge part of my life, I want them to live long, healthy lives. And thus We Blog Dogs was born.  I will be researching the best and healthiest dog foods; studies on vaccinations versus blood titres; having fun with dogs through agility, herding, nose work, canine freestyle–you name it, we’ll explore it!  I hope you enjoy this journey into everything about dogs!

I welcome your comments and suggestions.  I will be posting about hero dogs and about everyday people and their extraordinary dogs.  And of course, my favorite dogs subjects–deaf dogs and therapy dogs–will be covered.

So take this journey with me and learn all about our beloved fur kids.  Sign up now to make sure you receive every blog post:


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