Redemption Has 4 Paws Update! Finally I’ve Found Time to Post a Blog Post!

Shame on me as it’s been two months since I created a blog post.  I can’t believe how busy the summer of 2017 was for me as both good and bad things have happened.

Redemption Has 4 Paws is continuing on its journey of being published.  The publishing business is all new to me but Covenant Books, the publisher of my book, has been super.  I had no idea what to expect but my publication assistant, Cindy, has been holding my hand through the whole process.  The book has passed editing and the first draft of page design.  I had a few changes for the page design and I’m expecting the updated version will be uploaded next week.  After the page design they will start on the cover design.  That should take approximately a month to complete and then they start printing the book and uploading the digital version to sellers.  Holy Hannah, this really is happening and it’s becoming more real every day.  I’m so excited for the book to be released.

Sky and Olaf on a therapy visit


The therapy dog group I used to be a member of was asked to take part in WCCO TV’s Going to the Lake series in Hutchinson.  I had posted on the Facebook page where they had asked the citizens of Hutchinson MN to indicate places and things to see when they came out to Hutchinson.  I had suggested that they should film some of the therapy dog teams doing a square dance with their dogs and also an obedience demo.  I heard from them two days before they were scheduled to be out here.

I called 6 teams who had done the dance before and all 6 agreed to come and do the dance.  Then I asked the local nursing home that we visit each month, Harmony River, if we could use their chapel/community room to do the dance.  They were in agreement but told us we had to leave by a certain time as the room was needed for a classical quartet afterwards.

The six teams arrived about a half hour before we were supposed to be filmed.  We had hoped we could run through the dance a couple of times as it had been a year since we had done the dance before.  We were all surprised when we arrived there that the room was full of people wanting to see the dance (or else hoping they would get their 10 minutes of film being on TV).  I could have told them that we weren’t going to be on TV or radio. Rather, they video’ed the dance via live stream on their Facebook page.  It actually made me happy to have it taped since then we all could have access to it.

The group did the dance and afterwards we had about 5 to 10 minutes to bring the dogs around to the people in the crowd so they could pet them.  All of us that had participated in the dance were on such a high from doing the dance and seeing the smiles on people’s faces while doing the dance–even when a couple of errors occurred.  It was a really positive experience for all who participated.

(I am not that computer savvy so you will have to highlight the above link, right click and click on “Go to etc)  You will be taken to the video they made of the square dance.

The following week was the McLeod County Fair.  The therapy dogs appeared on the opening day, Wednesday, August 16th.  We were under a canopy on a stage which was a good thing since it started to rain once we hit the stage.  It went well and the people who came to see the group enjoyed the presentation and the dance.  I had to wear a couple of hats on for the presentation as I normally call the dance; however at the fair I had to call the dance and actually dance with Mackie, who had never done the dance before.  He did really well for his first time at trying the dance and for being deaf.



Every Monday throughout the summer, the dogs and I helped volunteer at Music in the Park.  If I wasn’t trying to sell popcorn for Historic Hutchinson, whichever dog I had with me wore a donation vest and collected dollars from people in the audience listening to the music.  It was great to see how people responded to the dogs and many of them reached into their pockets to throw in a little money to help raise funds for Historic Hutchinson.

Throughout the whole summer, I’ve attended Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue or Minnesota Sheltie Rescue events with my various dogs.  One of my favorite events is the Dog Days of Westonka.  Here is a picture of the 5 collies helping out at the booth.

Arnie Hilk with his and Kitty's 4 collies and me with Harley
Arnie Hilk with his and Kitty’s 4 collies and me with Harley


Yes, it’s been a busy summer.  I can’t believe it’s September already.  While I’m sad that summer is gone, with the coming of Autumn I’m that much closer to my book being published and available to everyone.  I hope all of you have had a wonderful summer with your furkids.  I know I have!

I have several fun events coming up with the therapy dogs–Camp Courage in Minnesota.  I attended last year and had a wonderful experience interacting with people suffering with MS.  And I’ll keep bringing my dogs to events where I can promote my dogs for the various rescues I’m involved in.  Yes, despite some blips this summer, life is good!