New Dog Washing Tool for Indoors – Can’t Wait to Get One of These!

The other day, one of my girlfriend’s forwarded an email to me from Martha Stewart Living.  She told me to “scroll down to the bottom then click to open new pet grooming station”.  I did as she instructed and what opened up was a new indoor bathing tool for dogs made by Bissell.

The new product is called “BarkBath” and I can’t wait to get one of these.  According to the video and the accompanying text, the new system uses a special nozzle to penetrate your pet’s coat with shampoo and water and then immediately sucks the liquid back up into a separate tank.  By using this system, they say that you won’t have a dripping dog like you do when you give them a bath in the bathtub or sink.  Because of this, you can wash your dog just about anywhere.  All you need is a towel to wipe the dog afterwards.

With six dogs, it has gotten pretty expensive for me to bring them to the groomer.  So this system just might be the answer for me.  It allows you to set the grooming tool for the length of your dog’s coat.  The cost for the BarkBath is set to retail for $149.99.  It’s not expected to be on the market until July.  But I have to be honest, I’m so looking forward to purchasing this item.  I’ve attached two videos.  The first is the Bissell BarkBath video which explains how the system works.  The second video shows 4 new inventions for dog owners–one of the four is the Bissell BarkBath.

If any of you have tried this item or know of anyone who has, please comment below.  I’m hoping that this new grooming and cleaning tool will be the answer to my prayers!  Feel free to comment on any of the other items in the 4 new inventions video.


Happy dog cleaning!